CAPAA Committees & Assignments

Civil Rights & Immigration
Zer Vue, Lakshmi Gaur, Roslyn Leon Guerrero, Nam Nguyen

Economic Development
Ty Tufono, Lisa Dickinson, Lori Wada, Nam Nguyen

Lynette Finau, Zer Vue, Roslyn Leon Guerrero

Health & Human Services
Lakshmi Gaur, Darren Pen, Ka`imi Sinclair, Tam Dinh, Lori Wada, Mohan Gurung

APA Heritage Month Liaison
Ty Tufono


State Task Forces

The Commission has recommended or appointed individuals to serve on the following state committees and task forces.

Name Charge CAPAA Representative(s)
Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee (EOGOAC) Created during the 2009 legislature to continue to address the achievement gap in Washington state. Fiasili Savusa, Pacific American

Mele Aho (alternate)

Frieda Takamura, Asian American

Julie Kang (alternate)

Educator Workforce Development Workgroup Created to address the recent teacher shortage legislation and other state level initiatives to increase the teacher workforce within
Commissioner Roslyn Leon Guerrero
Every Student Succeeds Act  The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law by President Obama on December 10, 2015. Under the new law, Washington will embark on a redesign of Washington’s Consolidated Plan. Consolidated Plan Team

Mele Aho

Julie Kang

Accountability System

Kathy Purcell

Governor’s Interagency Council on Health Disparities Established by the Legislature in 2006 to create a state action plan for eliminating health disparities by race/ethnicity and gender in Washington State. Commissioner Lori Wada
Healthier Washington Communities and Equity Accelerator Committee Elevate and act on
Healthier Washington’s commitment to every Washingtonian getting a fair chance to lead a
healthy life.
Michael Itti
Interagency Workgroup on Youth Homelessness Provide a forum for an integrated and consistent statewide approach to addressing youth homelessness. Commissioner Nam Nguyen
Language Access Advisory Committee (L&I) Advise the Department of Labor & Industries about the direction of the agencywide language access program, discuss issues related to language access, assist with problem-solving and identify resource needs. Michael Itti
Race and Ethnicity Student Data Task Force The task force will review the United States department of education 2007 race and ethnicity reporting guidelines and develop race and ethnicity guidance for the state to further disaggregate data. Brianne Ramos

Dolly Nguyen

Erin Okuno

Lina Thompson

Task Force on the Use of Body Worn Cameras The Task Force will examine the use of body worn cameras by law enforcement and corrections agencies. Sokha Danh

Molly Harper Haines


Recently Completed Task Forces

Name Charge CAPAA Representative(s)
Joint Legislative Task Force on the Use of Deadly Force in Community Policing The task force:

  • Reviewed laws, practices, and training programs regarding the use of deadly force in Washington state and other states;
  • Reviewed current policies, practices, and tools used by or otherwise available to law enforcement as an alternative to lethal uses of force, including tasers and other nonlethal weapons; and
  • Recommend best practices to reduce the number of violent interactions between law enforcement officers and members of the public.
Toshiko Hasegawa
Language Access Advisory Committee Established to develop sample materials for school districts to disseminate to school employees and parents regarding parents’ rights to language access services for limited-English proficient parents, as well as the resources available to assist parents and guardians in accessing language access services. Commissioner Lori Wada
Student Discipline Task Force With the passage of 4SHB 1541 in the 2016 legislative session, OSPI is reconvening the task force to (1) Review and recommend data collection standards related to Part I of 4SHB 1541 (Disproportionality in Student Discipline) and (2) provide feedback regarding the revision of student discipline rules in Chapter 392-400 WAC. Commissioner Lynette Finau

Zharina Angeles