“Ruth Woo was a trailblazer who shaped our communities and state in more ways than anyone could ever know. Auntie Ruth did not seek recognition or the spotlight, but worked tirelessly behind the scenes mentoring and opening doors for aspiring civic leaders from school board directors to county executives and to governors, particularly among the Asian American community.

“Auntie Ruth fought to achieve racial equality and justice in her own unique way, and reliably asked those who sought her advice about their commitment to diversity at the top and passion for serving the public. The Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs would not have been a reality without her counsel to Governor Dan Evans as a member of his staff in the 1970s. The Commission broke new ground as our nation’s first state commission dedicated to improving the well-being of Asian Pacific Americans within the office of the governor.

“Auntie Ruth’s impact will continue to be a positive force in our state for generations to come. We will miss her dearly.”