Here is a comprehensive report of CAPAA Commissioners’ activities between the months of November 2017 and January 2018:

Commissioner Dickinson
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Interviewed by GU Law API Student 11/20/2017 Provide support for GU API/minority law students to assist them in professional endeavors and mentoring
WA ST Disparity Study Stakeholder Call 1/10/2018 They will come up with policy recommendations to send to Governor’s Office
Contact with stakeholders regarding changes to questions on criminal deferments 1/10/2018 Advocate to change deferment/stipulation forms to avoid immigrants admitting to criminal facts in order to settle a criminal matter, such as in King County. Signing these forms in Spokane Co can subject a defendant to deportation under immigration laws in order to agree to a settlement or deferment due to the language on the forms used in the County. Follow up with County Prosecutor recommended. Follow up with Supreme Court Minority and Justice Commission.
Minority and Justice Commission Outreach Committee Meeting 12/6/2017 Outreach needs to be statewide or outside of King County, how to cast a wider net to inform people of our mission and goals
LFO Subcommittee Meeting 11/29/2017 Continued research efforts to find the impact of LFOs (Legal Financial Obligations) which have a disparate impact on minority communities regarding barriers to licenses, criminal history, etc.
Commissioner Dinh
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Meeting with CAPAA staff 12/8/2017 Ongoing to develop Need Assessment process.
Attend Swear-In Ceremony of Councilmember Tran 12/28/2017 More support is needed to encourage Vietnamese Americans to run for office. Will continue to meet with Councilmember Tran to discuss strategies and options.
Plymouth Housing meeting 1/8/2018 KC Coordinated Entry (CEA) process is colorblind. Need to include and address cultural specific needs of those experiencing homelessness.
Commissioner Finau
Commissioner Gaur
Commissioner Guerrero


Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Washington State Disparity Study phone meeting 1/16/2018 Washington State is conducting a Disparity Study of its minority-, women-, and veteran- owned businesses (M/W/VBEs).

As part of the Study process, participants engaged in a group phone interview of stakeholders, such as trade organizations, minority and women business groups, chambers of commerce, community groups and other interested organizations. These important sessions will provide an opportunity to relate to community experiences with doing business with the State and its business opportunity Programs.

The next part of the study is to reach out to businesses on their experiences.

Micronesian Community Outreach 11/22/2017 This meeting was to engage the community on the discussion of health care for COFA citizens, educational opportunities and housing concerns.

There will be monthly meetings for the community members and me. I’ve reached out to other agencies to provide information on these issues.

Micronesian Community Meeting 12/9/2017 At this meeting, community members were able to hear from leaders in Clark County on their role in ensuring that the Pacific Islander communities in Clark County are supported.

Community members would like to see more support from leaders. At the next meeting in January, we will discuss housing concerns.

Meeting with FILAM of SW WA 11/15/2017 At this meeting, the FilAm of SW WA would like to establish quarterly meetings where I will share updates from CAPAA and bring concerns to CAPAA.
Commissioner Gurung
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Legislative Report Back 12/7/2017 It about API agendas, Immigration and budgets.
Nepal Seattle Society 1/24/2018 To find all the resources to build the community hall, asking for capital budgets, they will keep working until it is completed.
King County Office of Law Enforcement Oversight 12/20/2017 It is short of public awareness program about policing in King County.
Northwest Gurung Lhosar Celebration 12/30/2017 They like preserve their language culture and heritage, and will continue.
Access to Democracy 1/5/2018 Our community's voice must be heard, need to vote.
Commissioner Nguyen
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Tommy Le Mediation 1/5/2018 ADR with the King County Sheriff’s Office and unions regarding on the Tommy Le shooting.
WIN Meeting 1/12/2018 Continuing meeting to form a network for immigrant state employees.
Commissioner Sisavatdy
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
SE Asian and Pacific Islander Health Education Summit 12/5/2017 Date has been set for the summit (Aug. 25th). Monthly meetings to follow.
AA&PI Legislative Report Back (ACRS) 12/7/2017 Deportation, Education, AANAPISIs
Tamu Gurung Society Lhosar New Year 12/30/2017 Community annual New Year celebration
Introduction of the WA. State Voting Rights Act 1/5/2017 Hoping this year, this will finally pass!
Commissioner Sinclair
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Hypertension management among NHPI 1/3/2018 NHPIs are interested in learning about how to manage hypertension. We will implement a hypertension self-management educational intervention in Western Washington with NHPIs during the next 3 years.
Commissioner Tufono
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Da Coconut Wireless Radio Show 12/3/2017 NA
Marshallese Health Summit 12/16/2017 Following up with Marshallese community after State Initiatives about COFA are voted on and passed.
CAPAA Board Meeting 11/18/2017 Meeting to discuss & support API concerns.
CAPAA Executive Committee Business 12/16/2017 2-3 hours weekly communicating with CAPAA staff & Exec. Committee about CAPAA affairs.
Meeting with Tongan Community Member 12/30/2017 Follow up with community member scheduled for 1/27/18
Meeting with Samoan Parents of Middle School students 1/5/2018 Follow up with Federal Way School District to follow.
Meeting with Federal Way School District 1/3/2018 Informing and advising FWSD of Communication barriers with PI Parents about crucial information regarding school discipline and requesting an opportunity for Parents to better understand the school system and requirements to respond.
Commissioner Wada
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Emergency Prepareness Advisory meeting 12/5/2017 This is an on-going meeting until a comprehensive emergency preparedness policy is fully developed. The advisory board meets every other week via conference calls until the community engagement meetings are implemented which scheduled to begin in March at 6 different regions in Washington state.
Health Disparities Council meeting 12/14/2017 Discussed disparity issues in early childhood, k-12 and higher eds. As this was the year end meeting, the council reflected on accomplishments challenges and plans for the new year.
Discussion with Commissioner Nora Coronado 12/21/2017 Commissioner Nora Coronado at CHA and I contacted Costco and CVS regarding the language translation for drug label. We have not heard back from Costco and CVS does offer prescriptions in 10 different languages and they have a telephone interpreter if needed. However, they do not advertise these services and couldn’t say why they don’t. We are planning on writing a letter to corporate Costco and CVS in the future. I made a recommendation that we might need to develop a survey questionnaire to distribute to all local pharmacies to gauge their interest.
Emergency Preparedness Advisory Meeting 1/4/2018 The advisory group discussed agenda for the community engagement events which will take place in Bellingham, Spokane, Yakima, Wenatchee, Vancouver, and Olympia. The objectives of the events are solicitation of input on priorities of care from community members when pandemic situation occurs.