Here is a comprehensive report of CAPAA Commissioners’ activities between the months of March and June 2017:

Commissioner Dickinson
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Judicial Reception: Bridging Justice 9/17/2017 Judges of Color Working between State Judges, Tribal Judges and the Community to act as a bridge to historically marginalized communities in the justice system.
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association 11/1/2017-11/6/2017 Continue to address discrimination against API and other communities.
Call to Action, meeting with Minami Tamaki Yamauchi Kwok & Lee Foundation 11/3/2017 Go to to sign on to Call to Action to support principles of fairness and opportunity for all, due process, and equal justice under the law (or
Meeting at Supreme Court of US 11/3/2017 Event at US Supreme Court with Justice Sotomayor and API Judges and justices in attendance. Honoring API judges and justices for their service.
Commissioner Dinh
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
SMART on Juvenile Justice Taskforce 9/22/2017 Follow up with future meeting
Meeting with community member 10/8/2017 Will reach out to other Southeast Asian mental health therapists to discuss mental health concerns in the community.
Community Meeting on Children with Autism 10/24/2017 This group will meet regularly to identify strategies to help Vietnamese families with children who have autism.
Join Summit on Gang Prevention and Intervention 11/1/2017 There will be more discussion on how government and community agencies can support this work.
Commissioner Finau
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
UPRISE Conference 10/14/2017 Workshop for parents, presenting data on statewide chronic absenteeism on PI students and seeing the comparisons with various ethnic groups and school districts.
Meeting with UW Dr. Holly Barker 10/19/2017 Assist Dr. Barker with writing a grant for the Burke Museum to purchase compactor to properly store Tongan mats and artifacts making them easily accessible for display and education for students and community.
Commissioner Gaur
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Eastside Candidates forum 10/5/2017  

Propagate the importance to vote

AAPI National Week of Action 10/9/2017 Immigration issues are our struggle for a long time to come. We all need to work with our own communities to educate.
Volunteer at Ronald McDonald house 10/22/2017 Immigration issues need to be addressed and educated on for our communities.
Commissioner Guerrero
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
The Filipino American Heritage Month event 10/21/2017  

The Filipino Association in SW WA would like to partner up more with CAPAA to do more education and awareness of the Filipino cultures in WA.

Commissioner Gurung
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
AAPI National Week of Action on Immigration 11/9/2017 To stand for the rights of all immigrants and refugees, DACA recipients, for the 2017 Dream
Nepali Dashai Festival 11/7/2017 Need to preserve our culture and need to have culture/community center.
King County Behavioral Health Legislature Forum 11/8/2017 To stabilize behavioral health treatment to improve access and quality in the community. Create community-based capacity to prevent and/or shorten hospitalization. Expand medication-assisted treatment via low-babuprenorphine access.
Nepali Literature 11/12/2017 They will continue, with activities.
Commissioner Nguyen
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Washington State Immigrant Network 10/23/2017 Meeting to organize a network/resource group for immigrants currently working for Washington State government.
APIC Community Center Planning 10/8/2017 Meeting to plan for a multi-cultural center in Thurston County
Meeting regarding Tommy Le ADR 11/9/2017 Planning meeting for possible meeting with Sheriff’s Office and police union regarding the Tommy Le shooting.
Commissioner Rojo


Commissioner Sisavatdy
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
AA& PI Health Summit 8/9/2017  

This was the first initial meeting with Dr. Sisombouth as we are the co-charis of this summit.

City of Des Moines summer concert at the park 8/9/2017 We plan to have quarterly meetings.
Asian Pacific Director’s Coalition: Summertime Social 8/27/2017 More social opportunities is needed o bring in next generation of APA advocates.
SEAeD Coalition: Beyond the Numbers 8/25/2017 Discussions and reporting on data disaggregation and the work of SEAeD.
Coffee with Tracie Friedman – Seattle Housing Authority and Lao Community Member 8/31/2017 Touching in with Lao Community Service Center, Pom Foundation, requesting support for SEA & PI Health Summit
SEA & PI Health Summit Meeting 8/31/2017 First initial meeting for SEA & PI Health Summit
UPRISE Meeting 9/24/2017 UPRISE Committee inquired about $500 CAPAA grant they requested.
Meeting w/ Jenny Choi: AAPI-EL D2 10/6/2017 In preparation for Oct. 26th AAPI-EL D2 meeting.
UPRISE 10/6/2017 Final preparation for UPRISE Summit scheduled for October 14th at Highline College.
SEA & PI Health Summit Meeting 10/24/2017 Health Equity; Next meeting will be in December
AAPI-EL D2 Meeting 10/26/2017 Advised Evergreen, Spokane and Federal Way School Districts on family, student and community engagement strategies regarding work with PI communities. Next meeting will be scheduled during winter quarter.
Phone meeting with Zer Vue: former commissioner 10/27/2017 Will be attending Hmong New Years on November 4th. Zer would like to involve me in more Hmong community activities.
Hmong New year 11/4/2017 Learned about language credit opportunities to share out.
Commissioner Sinclair
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Diabetes Network Leadership 9/20/2017 Discussed ways to increase the accessibility of diabetes prevention program to under insured and uninsured populations of Washington.
Gathering of Pacific Islander Health Conference 10/3/2017 Health disparities persist throughout the Pacific and among Pacific Islanders residing in the continental U.S.
Engage for Equity 10/23/2017 Community-based participatory research workshop.
Pacific Northwest Cardio-metabolic Disparities Symposium 10/26/2017 A strategic planning meeting with Washington stakeholders to identify research and policy recommendations to reduce cardio-metabolic disparities among Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and American Indians residing in Washington.
Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs 11/1/2017 Administered comprehensive health survey to 194 Native Hawaiian participants of the 58th annual national meeting of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.
Focus groups with NHPI about hypertension 10/21/2017 NHPIs need information and support in managing high blood pressure.
Commissioner Tufono


Commissioner Wada
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Crisis Standards of Care committee meeting 10/31/2017 Soliciting input from community members and community gathering to include voices of under-served communities on health equity issues in emergency situations including pandemic.
Economic Disparity Stakeholder meeting 11/2/2017 Disparity in government contracting. There will be a follow up meeting.
Medicare outreach 11/14/2017 Provided one-on-one counseling for Medicare eligible individuals. No follow up. Coordinated the event in partnership with the Office of Insurance Commissioner.
Senior University 11/9/2017 Many seniors in Korean community are not aware of Medicare benefits and enrollment requirements.Based on initial meeting, I scheduled a follow up event partnering with the Office of Insurance Commissioner to provide assistance in personalized individual needs. The follow up event is scheduled for Nov 14, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm. Registration is required.