Here is a comprehensive report of CAPAA Commissioners’ activities between the months of November through January:

Commissioner Aragon

  • Attended meetings with Commission on Hispanic Affairs, African American Affairs, and CAPAA to prepare for a meeting with Governor Inslee regarding common priorities in K-12, economic development, and health care.
  • Convened a CAPAA Health and Human Services subcommittee. Appointed officers, developed preliminary goals, and a meeting timeline for 2015.
  • Upon request of WA Community Action Network and Alliance for a Just Society, reviewed a report on how to address health disparities through the health benefit exchange. I also referred the authors to Michael Itti who was able to provide additional data and research about Asian Pacific Islander health disparities.
  • Attend the WA Health Workforce Council of the WA State Workforce Board and recommended health disparities and diversity in the health professions workforce as priority topics for 2015.

Commissioner Dickinson

  • Attended Hmong New Year Celebration in Spokane.
  • Attended Vietnamese Bar Association of Washington’s Annual Event in Seattle, supporting the Hong Duc Clerkship.
  • Attended Middle Eastern Bar Association of Washington’s Annual Event in Seattle.
  • Attended Asian Bar Association of Washington Holiday Event.
  • Sent out press release through the Asian Bar Association of Washington (abaw .org) regarding keeping racial biases out of judicial elections.
  • Started term Jan 1 as President of the Asian Bar Association of Washington.
  • Appointed to the State Minority and Justice Commission (Supreme Court Appointment) to serve a two year term as the Minority Bar Association Representative.

Commissioner Cabusao

  • Currently working with People for People, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services (YNHS), Aging and Long Term Care (ALTC), Farm Workers Clinic and the Filipino American Community of Yakima Valley on a community outreach (Senior Health Affair) for seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare options, wellness and fraud protection.
  • Met with the Community Outreach Coordinator of Yakima Neighborhood Health Services where we discussed Navigator services especially for API’s in Yakima, a service which will continue to be funded from a different source this year.
  • Attended the Filipino American Political Action Group of Washington (FAPAGOW) where the group was advocating an educational forum addressing the needs of minority students especially  Filipino Americans in the Valley.  The group decided to hold the forum in the Spring and expects CAPAA participation.

Commissioner Dash

  • Attended the Thanksgiving Luncheon on Thanksgiving Day hosted by the Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) hosted for youth, families, and elders at ACRS’ main office. More than 250 individuals attended, including many who had no other place to celebrate the holiday. 15 volunteers and staff served a full Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, with delicious Asian food. This wonderful community event provided meals and hope for all who attended.
  • Attended the reception at the Wing Luke Museum on December 3rd celebrating the opening of the Seattle regional office of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  • Attended the Northwest Asian Weekly Top Contributors Award event held at the House of Hong on December 5, 2014, recognizing State Senator-Elect Pramlia Jayapal and former CAPAA commissioner Frieda Takamura.
  • Facilitated the first roundtable meeting of Governor Jay Inslee with the Indian Diaspora on December 11, 2015. The roundtable was held at the Westin Bellevue with the attendance of about 24 business and community leaders from the local Indian community discussing many aspects of the community including the opportunities of doing international trade with India and bringing in global investments into the Washington state.
  • Met the new Consul General of India, Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok at his office in San Francisco on January 7, 2015. I discussed all possible opportunities for global partnerships and collaborations for stronger bilateral trade relations between India and the Washington State.

Commissioner Finau: 

TBIP: Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program Accountability Task Force:

  • Equity and Civil Rights- English Language Development Services and Translation/Interpretation Services provides a complaint process for students and families who feel they have been discriminated in some way or feel the school district is not providing adequate resources. Protected class is a group of people who share common characteristics, as defined by law. Washington has one of the most comprehensive civil rights laws in the country that includes the following protected classes: Sex, National origin, Religion/creed, disability, race/color, use of a service animal, sexual orientation, gender expression & gender identity, veteran or military status and age.
  • Within National Origin, protection exists around English Language Learners.
  • Federal Law: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: “Shall not be denied the benefits of” includes ELL who should share equal benefit from educational services.
  • State Law: Chapter 28A.642.RCW, Chapter 392-190 WAC, OSPI Civil Rights Guidelines.
  • Impacts of these laws on English Language development services.
  • Sound Educational Theory
  • Effective Implementation
  • At what point do you hold districts accountable for ELL students who are taking a longer time to meet proficiency?
  • Of the 37% of districts reviewed in 2013, 14 were out of compliance for English Language Development issues. This is often because staff qualifications or the process not being there.
  • Performance-based Transitional Bilingual Instructional Programs – Statewide examples: AZ, CA, CO, MN, NM, NY and UT.
  • Evidence-Based ELL Program Designs & Instructional Strategies: Broader context of program models and what we can do to support ELL, Dual Language, Bilingual Early Exit, Bilingual Late Exit, Two language programs, Sheltered Instruction, Push-in and Pull-out, Regardless of model- structures in place, sufficient training, teachers observe each other, administrators observe teachers and hold them responsible are important for better implementation.
  • English Language Development and effective instructional strategies should be present in all programs.

ASA Student Club: Meeting with Foster High School’s Asian Student Association Student Club – Attending with Commissioner Vue to help create and provide leadership, instilling and maintaining a spirit of community for Asian students to organize the first Asian student organization on campus. Assist in networking with leaders in the community and in the education system.

INTERCULTURAL SPEAKER SERIES: Bringing together members of diverse communities to promote dialogue and collaboration to improve overall achievement for all students, especially our underserved and marginalized populations. The goals for the discussion is to increase awareness regarding critical issues related to race, equity and social justice, to improve dialogue related to diversity in terms of race and cultural competency and to develop a sense of awareness in self-reflection regarding issues of diversity and cultural competency. The outcomes will improve educational outcomes for populations who typically struggle academically (Asian Pacific Islanders, Native American, African American, Hispanic populations) and others. Engage the community in critical discourse with the goal of establishing a common mission for our students and identify and remove community and institutional barriers that interfere with the success of ALL students.

  • Joyce Epstein (John Hopkins University) “How All Schools Can Organize Multicultural Partnerships to Involve All Families” – sharing strategies that help schools strengthen their programs of family and community engagement so that all families feel welcome at and valued by the school. This includes changing “old ways” of thinking about parent involvement to “new ways” of organizing programs of school, family, and community partnerships. Discussing key concepts, essential structures, and exemplary practices for goal-linked partnership programs that will contribute to student success. Using research-based approaches every school can develop and sustain programs and practices that engage all families with all racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds and their communities in children’s education at school and at home.


  • Ronald Cunningham (University of Washington “Difference or Disability? The Complexity of Meeting the Needs of All Students” A discussion about the research and implications of why there are more ethnic minority students than expected in special education and what happens to them. It focused on potential solutions to accurately and appropriately identifying students who require specially designed instruction.


  • Michael Eric Dyson (Georgetown University, MSNBBC Analyst, TIME Magazine editor) “Race and Social Justice” Dr. Dyson is America’s premiere public intellectual on social-justice issues. This was an interactive discussion about breaking through institutional and personal barriers to better serve all children and close opportunity and achievement gaps. He spoke on historical divides in light of the current political climate, suggest future direction for public servants in response to recent tensions with police and communities of color.
  • Stephen Bezruchka (University of Washington Dept. of Global Health) “The U.S. Economic Gap Fosters the Educational Achievement Gap” Discussion on economic inequality at unprecedented levels in the U.S. Our underserve population receive a mis-education and don’t understand what the toxic gas of inequality is doing to our society. This gas is colorless, odorless but highly pervasive and distracts us from the task at hand. Inequality pollutes early life to compromise children’s learning through no fault of their own or their parents. Fixing inequality will improve much of what is wrong with this country, including its education system.

Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Meeting – Tukwila School District Office and at The Church by the Side of the Road. Representing the Pacific Islander parents in the district in a parent advisory team created at the request of the superintendent Dr. Nancy Googan. The advisory group is given the opportunity to bring questions, suggestions, concerns, and experiences to discuss with the superintendent regarding education. The superintendent will then inform parents about what is happening in the district from her perspective and ask for feedback.

Commissioner Gurung

  • 01/06/2015. Commission on Hispanic Affairs, Commission on African American Affairs, and Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs had joint meeting with Governor Jay Inslee in Capital building in Olympia.
  • 01/10/2015. Attended the Goodwill Gathering together for building bridges across the South Asian communities event with SA RE GA MA Singing Star Karma Sherpa.
  • 01/13/2015 Attended The 8th Korean-American Day Celebration in Bothell.

Commissioner Khamshitsang

  • Traveled to Minnesota to attend the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday celebration committee meeting for December 6 & 7, 2014. This is meeting was attended by representatives over 10 Tibetan Association around North America. Gave brief overview on the Marijuana usage as we have representatives from Colorado and Oregon. Many of the folks live in Washington States.
  • January 4, 2015, arranged a special meeting with Board and some senior members of the Tibetan Association of Association to discuss cultural and language teaching within our younger community members. Also brought with them the issue of receiving world language credit for learning Tibetan during the children’s’ senior year in high school, earning up to four credit. The parent and members were excited for this opportunity, as it will work out to be great incentive for children to learn the Tibetan language.
  • January 6, 2015, greatly honored to have opportunity to attend meeting with Governor along with other Commissioners including from the Commissions on African American and Hispanic Affairs. The Commissioners were able to impress upon the Governor that we work closely with the general community members. Also used the opportunity to caution the availability of Marijuana in various forms and be watchful of children.

Commissioner Lee

  • 22 Nov 14 – Attended Fund Raising of  Northwest Korean Language Association for the second generation of  Korean Kids.
  • 25 Nov 14 – Attended Tacoma Korean American Association Board meeting.
  • 4 Dec 14 – Met with Morgan Family YMCA Executive Director to support the Strong Kids Program.
  • 10 Dec 14 – Helped a retired Air Force who needed VA disability claim through Rally Point 6 organization.
  • 2 Jan 15 – Met with a Representative from Rally Point 6 to help a widow who need medical and financial support

Commissioner Pen

November Report:

  • Due to increasing of home-burglaries/attempted home-burglaries in Tacoma communities, Commissioner Pen did presentations on Burglary Prevention and handing out the information on 21 Things That Burglar Won’t Tell You to 6 Asian Pacific Islander Communities.
  1. 82 Vietnamese seniors
  2. 100 Cambodian seniors
  3. 75 International Groups (Japanese, Filipino & Chinese)
  4. 14 Samoan seniors

December Report:

  • Commissioner Pen did presentations on the presentations Personal Safety & Crime Prevention Tips during the holidays to 7 Asian Pacific Islander Communities.
  1. 79 Vietnamese seniors
  2. 99 Cambodian seniors
  3. 145 Korean seniors
  4. 60 International Groups (Japanese, Filipino & Chinese)
  5. 16 Samoan seniors
  • On Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 1:30pm. Commissioner Pen attended a joint Ethnic Commissions meeting with the Governor to advise him on legislative and budget priorities in Olympia.

Commissioner Tufono

  • Attended Lynnwood Diversity Commission meeting
  • Hosted Da Coconut Wireless Radio Show-Music & News of the Pacific Islands
  • Attended PI Students & Parents Conference-Foster HS
  • Attended CHOICES Education training focusing on encouraging 8th graders to graduate from HS
  • Conducted Olympic, Sylvester, Madison & Cascade Middle Schools CHOICES workshop
  • Attended Monroe Correctional API Heritage Celebration
  • Attended KSER Radio Voices of the Community Awards Ceremony
  • Attended Tulalip Raising Hands Celebration

Commissioner Vue


  • 6th Represented CAPAA and assisted in planning the SEAeD summit
  • 8th Represented CAPAA at the Hmong New Year. Build rapport and shared commissioner duties.  Outreach and informed the Hmong communities regarding SEAeD and CAPAA duties.
  • 11th Strategic planning with the Educational Committee. (Commissioner Finau, Commissioner Khamshitsang and Amy Van)
  • 15th-Represented CAPAA at the LAO Women’s fundraiser, supported their efforts to reach out to help their community and build rapport in the community
  • 22nd– Co-Chair the SEAeD Summit: disaggregation of data was shared and action plan laid out. Involved families and communities in speaking out.


  • 3rd – WHIAPPI meeting with government agencies to share AAPIs and concerns in Olympia.
  • 13th– All Students Count Event meeting: Strategic planning with insight from Frieda and Amy. Met with Tony Vo and interns to start work.
  • 20th– Skype meeting with All Students Count event planning with Tony Vo and interns.
  • 27th– Represented CAPAA at the Nepali Tamu Lhosar (New Year) with Commissioner Dash and Commissioner Gurung.


  • 3rd – All Students Count Event planning: represented CAPAA and helped with strategic planning for the Jan. 30th event and API day.
  • 6th – Met with Governor Inslee and joint Ethnic Commissions to inform him on Health, Government, and Education issues
  • 8th– Represented CAPAA at the SEAeD meeting. Debriefed about next steps: Using the data and feedback during our 1 year and the 2016 Summit.  Reiterated the need for Data Disaggregation, the All Students Count Event, and how to engage our own communities and cross over with others.
  • 13th– Met with the CAPAA Education Committee. Discussed how we can be strategic in our efforts with the All Students Count event and API Legislative day.

Commissioner Wada

  • Participated the all agency LEP meeting at the DOH
  • Conducted a marijuana prevention forum for school children at the Korean Counseling Service Center (KCSC)
  • Attended meetings representing the CAPAA at Korean Society of Federal Way and King County.
  • Attended a KCSC board meeting to train the board members for the marijuana prevention for school children
  • Assisted the HBE translation of outreach materials in Korean and Chinese languages
  • Held a meeting with the Commission on African American Affairs to plan an outreach event to educate Medicare and other Healthcare options for African-American community.
  • Conducted a meeting with the Chinese Information Service Center (CISC) to plan a Medicare related educational forum for people turning 65 in API communities.