Here is a comprehensive report of CAPAA Commissioners’ activities between the months of January and March 2017:

Commissioner Dickinson
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Asian Bar Association of Washington Board Retreat 1/28/2017 Discussed the Ride the Ducks accident ant the impacts of the law stating that non-residents cannot sue for wrongful death of a child. ABAW will follow the issue and take action where necessary.
Minority and Justice Commission Meeting 2/27/2017 The Commission followed up on Legal Financial Obligations legislation, Racial Impact Statement Bill (SB 5588). We also discussed immigration orders and ICE activities.
Commissioner Dinh
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Meeting with community member 1/27/2017 N/A
TriCounty Refugee Planning Committee 2/3/2017 Organizers will follow up with action items.
2017 Ethnic Legislative Reception 2/7/2017 N/A
VWGAS Community Meeting 2/9/2017 Reguested a regular meeting with Commissioners.
Mount Baker ROZ Signing 2/10/2017 N/A
Meeting with Seattle Police Department 2/23/2017 Follow up with SPD regarding outreach plan to the community.
Meeting with community members 2/23/2017 Community group requested a regular meeting with Commissioners.
Monroe Correctional Facility Presentation 2/23/2017 N/A
Navigation Center Community Meeting 2/28/2017 Suggested to the Navigation Center that they should work more with the Vietnamese community.
Navigation Center Meeting with City of Seattle Mayor 3/20/2017 Commissioner Dinh requested to be on the workgroup.
Commissioner Finau
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
2017 Ethnic Legislative Reception 2/7/2017 Meet community leaders, governor, lieutenant governor, state legislators, appointed officials, ethnic commissions of Washington.
Pacific Islander Focus Group: Race and Ethnicity Data 2/11/2017 A community member suggested that PI teachers should form a group to analyze how their districts are collecting and using race/ethnicity data.


The group discussed ways that the data can serve our students and potential data practices that hide educational disparities in the community.

Access, Equity & Excellence: LEV 7th Annual Activist Training 2/11/2017 K-12 & higher education students of color – no matter which school they go to should all have equal opportunities for a great education but far too often; this conversation is filled with bleak data on gaps between high achieving students and low achieving students. Moving money to close the opportunity gap focusing on how and where additional funding for education should be targeted in order to help improve outcomes for students who need additional supports. Community leaders sharing about advocacy in the Road Map region on behalf of black students & families. Discussions on diversifying the educator pipeline about strategies that school districts can take to develop and diversify the educator workforce.
Commissioner Gaur
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
2017 Ethnic Legislative Reception 2/7/2017 N/A
Asian Pacific American Legislative Day 2/23/2017 Next step is to inform the community about the issues discussed at APA Legislative Day.
Worldwide Peace Vigil 3/5/2017 The large gathering of community members suggested that we need a united voice to fight violence incited by racism in America.
Commissioner Guerrero


Commissioner Gurung
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Anti-Bullying Workshop 1/25/2017 The workshop brought awareness about bullying in the community and resources to respond to incidents.
Human Right Commission Meeting 1/31/2017 Next step is to inform the community about the Human Rights Commission’s resources and their individual rights.
2017 Ethnic Legislative Reception 2/7/2017 It was an important event that recognized the diversity of our community.
Global Warming Workshop 2/8/2017 This issue impacts people globally and it is important to educate the community about it.
Day of Remembrance 2/15/2017 This event commemorates the signing of Executive Order 9066 in 1942 that resulted in the forced removal of more than 120000 Japanese Americans to ensure that similar actions are not repeated in the future.
Annual Community Fundraiser Breakfast 2/16/2017 This fundraiser supports local community and schools.
Commissioner Nguyen


Commissioner Pen


Commissioner Sinclair
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Meeting about Diabetes and Hypertension 2/3/2017 Met with API serving organizations to discuss collaboration to improve diabetes and hypertension care.
APCC New Year Celebration 2/11/2017 N/A
Department of Health Diabetes Network Leadership Team 2/14/2017 Discussed how to improve diabetes care and prevention in Washington.
Grant Submission 3/5/2017 If funded, this grant would provide an opportunity to culturally tailor a diabetes self-management education program for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in Washington and Arkansas.
Northwest Association of Pacific Americans Meeting 3/13/2017 Monthly meeting of the Northwest Association of Pacific Americans to discuss educational gaps and higher education of NHPIs.
Commissioner Tufono
February – Hosted Da Coconut Wireless Radio Show, which serves the Pacific Islander community through cultural music, special events, and public service announcements.
Email conference with the Commission’s Executive Committee.
Launch of simulcasted Da Coconut Wireless Radio Show in Los Angeles, California. The show serves Pacific Islanders through the podcast radio network, Island Block on Dash Radio.
Attended and emceed the 2017 Ethnic Legislative Reception in Olympia.
Meeting with Tongan community member to provide immigration resources and assistance.
Meeting with Samoan community member to provide information about labor resources.
Planning meeting with API inmates group for their API Celebration at Monroe Correctional-WSR.
Meeting with Commissioner Vue and Commissioner Dinh to discuss them being guest speakers for the API Celebration at Monroe Correctional Center.
March – Hosted Da Coconut Wireless Radio Show, which serves the Pacific Islander community through cultural music, special events, and public service announcements.
Attended CAPAA board meeting in Lynnwood.
Participated in CHOICES youth mentoring program in the Seattle School District.
Commissioner Vue
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Hmong Association Community Meeting 1/22/2017 HAW is interested in learning more about attaining high school credits for the community. Members were also interested in attending the Ethnic Reception and learn how to reach out to their district representatives.
Community outreach to the Cambodian community 1/29/2017 The Cambodian community wants to learn more about how to attain interagency resources.
Race and Ethnicity Student Task Force Focus Group 2/8/2017 Suggestion to include data disaggregation in teacher and principal certification programs and to check in with community members on how they identify. The task force will share this info with the EOGOAC.
Education Committee Meeting 3/8/2017 EducationCommitteee will review newly revised EOGOAC recommendations, any new legislation regarding education, and set goals and action plans for the upcoming year.
Lao Community Listening Session 3/12/2017 Connect communities with school districts and state/government agencies and educate them about how to navigate their resources. Suggestion to have liaisons at these agencies to help support the needs of our communities.  Continue to advocate for the educational needs of the community in school districts and at the state level.
Renton School District Community Meets the Superintendent Elect 3/13/2017 Continue to work closely with school districts to educate stakeholders regarding our needs and how we can partner in order to benefit our communities. Continue to share CARE data and work collectively in order to advance our communities.
Commissioner Wada
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Korean radio outreach and education 2/6/2017 This is a bi-weekly program: In February I had 3 sessions educating the community about the missions, programs, roles and responsibilities of the Department of Health, Health Disparities Council, and the Office of the Education Ombudsman. In March, there are 2 sessions scheduled with the Department of Labor & Industries and the Health Care Authority.
2017 Ethnic Legislative Reception 2/7/2017 This is an annual event hosted by the state ethnic commissions.
Governor’s Interagency Council on Health Disparities Meeting 2/8/2017 The council decided to draft a letter of support for Attorney General Bob Ferguson regarding his efforts to halt the president’s immigration Executive Order.  The council unanimously supports the immigrant community.
Meeting with a representative from L&I for Korean business community 2/10/2017 L&I is interested in outreach to the Korean business community to educate about current policy changes via media or workshop.  They will follow up about hosting a workshop and running ads through Radio Korea.
APCC Lunar New Year Celebration 2/11/2017 N/A
Call with Filipino community member in Kitsap County 2/14/2017 A concerned individual expressed interest in getting involved with CAPAA and representing the Filipino community in Kitsap County.
Governor’s Interagency Council on Health Disparities Special Meeting 2/27/2017 HDC had a special meeting to review a draft letter of support for the Attorney General regarding his action to support the immigrant community.