Here is a comprehensive report of CAPAA Commissioners’ activities between the months of March and June 2017:

Commissioner Dickinson
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Walk for Rice for ACRS Food Bank 6/24/2017 Continue to support Asian Counseling and Referral Services and the food bank which supplies culturally appropriate foods to needy communities.
Supreme Court Minority and Justice Commission Meeting 6/30/2017 Follow up on jury diversity implementation in minority communities, issues with juvenile justice reform, education of judges in regard to diversity issues.
Domestic Violence Symposium 9/7/2017 Language issues to communicate and report Domestic Violence, access to courts, advocates, etc.


Need language advocates and cultural competency when learning why minorities may or may not report these crimes, seek help, obtain services.

Commissioner Dinh
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Meeting with Seattle City Council 6/20/2017 Chinatown-International District businesses and social services have concerns on how the Mandatory Housing Affordability will impact them and their businesses.
SMART on Juvenile Justice Taskforce Meeting 6/22/2017 Regular Taskforce Meeting.
Community Planning Meeting for Tommy Le 7/6/2017 Continue support of planning meetings with community members.
Meeting with Tommy Le’s family and Sheriff department 7/7/2017 Learn about community issues and identify strategies to address concerns
MHA community meeting 7/18/2017 Community expressed concerns about MHA
Walked with Vietnamese community float at Seafair Parade 7/29/2017 Participation/Support
BATS Educator Conference 7/22/2017 Participation/Support
Commissioner Finau
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
APCC’s 7th Annual Samoa Cultural Day 7/8/2017 Networking and collaborating with cultural, community local leaders to support one another on future events.


Pierce College STEM Program for PI Students 7/12/2017 Increase STEM among Pacific Islander students.
Meeting with Dr. Shulamit Decktor & Dr. Holly Barker 7/25/2017 UW Burke Museum – Tongan Burke Project. Strategizing ideas to involve Tongan high school and college students to conduct research on Tongan artifacts for the Burke and community at large.
OSPI Meeting with Joshua Lynch 7/12/2017 Review concerns about research/report conducted by Education Northwest on Parent Perspective on Discipline in WA State. Content did not reflect voices of API parents and students.
ESSA ZOOM Webinar 8/15/2017 Revisions on ESSA Consolidated Plan, new accountability information i.e., Old draft vs New draft.
Commissioner Gaur
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Planning Meeting to Promote Mental Health and Well Being 8/2/2017 There is a follow-up meeting later this month or early next month.


Indian Independence Day, IAWW 8/6/2017 Participation/Support
20th Anniversary of IAWW

Seniors’ Program

8/26/2017 IAWW seniors program is wonderful format to follow that has been addressing, isolation and stress among many things in senior citizens. IAWW has done for the last 20 years.
Assisting individual from Indian community through legal processes. 8/14/2017-9/7/2017 Consulted with community members and quickly connected individual to API Chaya and IAWW community programs.


August 14, 2017: Reached out to individual after contact from Indian Consulate form San Francisco.
August 20, 2017: With IAWW, secured legal assistance.
August 22, 2017: Participated in consultation with the attorney.
August 24, 2017: Meeting at NBCC community Center to discuss individual’s protection order/ divorce and financial aid, finding temporary housing; discussion lead into addressing immigration concerns of the individual.  ELAP Meetings Scheduled with at North Bellevue Community Center.
September 7: Follow up calls – court authorized the protection order.

Assisted family through legal case of financial exploitation of an elderly man. 7/11/2017-9/6/2017 The need to pay attention to certain vital legal affairs of individuals so that they cannot be exploited.
a) Estate planning following your death: A clear advice to all to make sure that will is properly executed. Take assistance from an estate planning or elder law attorney in drafting and executing the will
b) Understanding the use and execution of living wills.
In July 2017 several people contacted me to help them with an elderly man’s death (including his family members).Summary of Situation: One ailing elderly gentleman of Indian died under mysterious circumstances. A woman that was referred by the hospital as a social worker somehow had him write everything on her name within three weeks of introduction. This came out after his death. His family who were in constant contact with him believe this is a fake will.
Community conversation, IAWW 8/10/2017, 7/23/2017 These are weekly meetings – from legal clinics to mental health to community issues
Commissioner Guerrero
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
3 days of Aloha 7/29/2017 Many community members wanted to know more about CAPAA and if CAPAA would do more outreach to API in SW WA.


DACA Press Conference in SW WA 9/5/2017 The League of United Latin American Citizens coordinated a press conference to support undocumented and DACA individuals. Rep. Monica Stonier and a representative from Senator Patty Murray’s office addressed the press and individuals present of solidarity and unity as we advocate and support this community. I was invited to join in efforts to connect all DACA and undocumented individuals from AAPI and other regions and countries.
Commissioner Gurung
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Samoa Cultural Day 7/8/2017 They will continue
Nepal Seattle Society 7/9/2017 They do every two years.
APIC, Police Accountability update, Anti Muslim Rally, Travel ban 7/17/2017 They can't tolerant this kind of activities.
Learn about funding opportunities 7/21/2017 It was about how to excess public fund to build the community building
Commissioner Nguyen


Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Washington Immigrant Network 8/28/2017 Monthly meeting to form an immigrant network for State employees. The network will support existing immigrants working for the State as well as recruit immigrants to work in State government.
Meet with Patty Murray’s staff 8/2/2017 Meeting to learn and inform Senator Murray’s staff on issues affecting the Asian Pacific American community in Pierce and Thurston County.
Tommy Le Shooting Meeting 7/19/2017 Attended closed and public presentations by the King County Sheriff’s Office on the Tommy Le shooting. The sheriff recommended that State Patrol investigate all police shootings. There is a need to follow-up after the investigation completes.
Placemaking Workshop 7/22/2017 There should be more capital projects for minority communities outside of King and Pierce County.
Commissioner Rojo
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Meeting with Filipino American Student Association at the UW 8/21/2017 The University of Washington has considered Filipino students no longer under-represented. This has reduced their access to services and resources under the OMA&D which they were once depended on, and now are struggling in obtaining their education goals, as well as maintain their retention rates. FASA sa UW has created impact community programs, such as Project FAMILY, but do not receive funding or support from the University of Washington. Also, student transportation to support the organization’s activities has been limited, if not available. Priority of University funding and resources are focused on other student organizations who have connections within the University leadership of these fund sources, therefore leaving other organization’s with without equal opportunity to apply for funding.
Community Meeting – Filipino American Business Development 8/2/2017 Learn about community issues and identify strategies to address concerns
Commissioner Sisavatdy
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Lao American Community Summer Festival 8/19/2017 The need for a Lao American Community Center


Commissioner Sinclair


Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
APCC Luau 8/12/2017 The APCC Luau is an annual event to celebrate Polynesian cultures
American Heart Association Million Hearts meeting 8/10/2017 Washington stakeholders meeting to discuss heart disease disparities and identify strategies to reduce mortality from heart disease
Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute 8/2/2017 Presentation about health equity to participants of the UW Northwest Public Health Institute
Focus groups with Pacific Islanders for hypertension management 8/11/2017 I conducted a focus group with Pacific Islanders at ACRS to discuss challenges to hypertension management and recommendations for a program to improve the management of hypertension.
Meeting with American Heart Association Regional Director of Multicultural Initiatives 8/29/2017 I will partner with the American Heart Association to reach and educate Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders about cardiovascular disease and hypertension
Commissioner Tufono


Commissioner Wada
Activity Date Issues & Recommendations
Korean Community Development Council 6/29/2017 Lack of information flow to the Korean community. Needs awareness of various programs provided by local and state government.
Radio session 7/27/2017 Educate communities about laws, programs, and policies that affect the well-being of APIs
Meet with Patty Murray staff 8/2/2017 Educate communities about laws, programs, and policies that affect the well-being of APIs
Radio talk show 8/29/2017 Educated K-12 “back to school” information for parents to consider. No follow up is needed.
Senior university 9/7/2017 Educate communities about laws, programs, and policies that affect the well-being of APIs