The Tacoma Healing Awareness Community (THAC), a grassroots organization that focuses on Southeast Asian American communities, hosted a community town hall on February 24 at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) in Tacoma. The event aimed to provide support for individuals and families facing the challenges and hardships of deportation. THAC focused on supporting Khmer/Cambodian communities as there have been a rising level of concern regarding deportation and immigration issues among community members.

In attendance were community members and families who were able to ask questions to volunteering attorneys and community leaders, attend workshops and speeches, and listen to stories from youths affected by the impact of deportation.

The Commission appreciates these efforts to support API communities, especially those in vulnerable situations. The Commission and the Governor’s Office have compiled a list of resources that may be able to assist community members.

To learn more information about and to contact the Tacoma Healing Awareness Community, visit their page: