Korean Women’s Association

The Korean Women’s Association (KWA) of Washington is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 1972 to provide services to Korean wives of American servicemen. Over the years, KWA’s programs have expanded to meet the needs of people of many cultures and nationalities. Its special expertise is as providers of multi-cultural, multi-lingual services to people in need. The agency is recognized for its commitment to the community, ability to reach and provide services to marginalized groups and capacity to serve various segments and sectors of Washington state’s diverse population.

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Korean Community Service Center

The Korean Community Service Center is a non-profit organization founded by volunteers in 1983. KCSC strives for the betterment of the Korean Community as a whole as well as surrounding communities by providing community and social services for the Korean American population in the state of Washington. KCSC is committed to empowering educating and inspiring Korean American youth and families through counseling, education, and other services. KCSC provides bilingual and cultural services to Korean families. Services provided are: Individual and Family Counseling, Pro Bono Legal Counseling, Parenting Classes, Youth Leadership Programs, Immigrant Assistant Services, Translation Services, and Information and Assistance Services.

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Nonprofit Assistance Center

The Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC) targets our services to communities that historically have had least access to resources, services and opportunities. This includes communities of color and refugee, immigrant, low income and other communities that are impacted by institutional racism, marginalized and burdened by significant economic, educational, health, and social disparities. NAC supports and fosters the development of small and midsize nonprofits and fosters the professional growth of organizational and community leaders. NAC also works with the broader nonprofit sector as well as public and private institutions to deepen their knowledge, improve their cultural competency, change their approaches and strengthen their relationships with communities. NAC’s services are provided to targeted [...]

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Keiro Northwest

Previously known as Nikkei Concerns, Keiro Northwest provides care for Asian seniors across a full spectrum of health and wellness services. During the last 40 years, demographics, lifestyles and the healthcare system have evolved. We saw these changes as an opportunity to grow our programs and decided to reflect our expanded focus with a new name—Keiro Northwest. The new name both honors our past and welcomes people outside the Japanese community. Keiro means “respect for our elders,” and our Seattle Keiro facility is already well known for its high-quality care. Along with the organizational name change, some of our programs and services are being rebranded as well. The Seattle Keiro [...]

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Neighborhood House

The mission of Neighborhood House is to help diverse communities of people with limited resources attain their goals for self-sufficiency, financial independence, health, and community building. At the core of our mission is the alleviation of poverty in our community, especially the large public housing communities in Seattle and King County. We want to lift children out of poverty. We want them to be healthy and ready to be successful in school and life. We want these children grow up in safe and supportive homes and neighborhoods. We want to lift families out of poverty by creating opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and asset building. We want seniors to live healthy, [...]

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Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Our Mission Statement Northwest Immigrant Rights Project promotes justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education. Our Vision Statement Northwest Immigrant Rights Project strives for justice and equity for all persons, regardless of where they were born. Our Values and Principles Dignity: We all deserve to have our human dignity and fundamental rights respected. We respect the dignity of all persons. - We advocate for laws and policies that prohibit discrimination against all who experience oppression. - We oppose the use of racial profiling and other discriminatory practices by immigration enforcement and law enforcement. - Because derogatory language dehumanizes people [...]

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Open Doors for Multicultural Families

The mis­sion of our orga­ni­za­tion, Open Doors for Mul­ti­cul­tural Fam­i­lies, is to ensure that diverse fam­i­lies who have fam­ily mem­bers with devel­op­men­tal dis­abil­i­ties and spe­cial health care needs have equal access to cul­tur­ally and lin­guis­ti­cally appro­pri­ate infor­ma­tion, resources, and ser­vices. We pro­mote cul­tur­ally com­pe­tent ser­vices through com­mu­nity col­lab­o­ra­tion, train­ing and part­ner­ships. The orga­ni­za­tion was formed in June, 2009 by a diverse group of pas­sion­ate par­ents of chil­dren with dis­abil­i­ties and pro­fes­sion­als who care about peo­ple with dis­abil­i­ties and val­ued com­mu­nity vol­un­teers after their col­lab­o­ra­tive work together for more than a decade. Since then, we have grown from one full time vol­un­teer posi­tion to one full time and seven part-time staff [...]

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Refugee Women’s Alliance

Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) is an award-winning, nationally recognized nonprofit that provides holistic services to help refugee and immigrant women and families thrive. In 29 years of work with multi-cultural communities, we have refined our services to most effectively promote integration and self-sufficiency. All of our services are designed to quickly and effectively stabilize clients, promote acculturation, increase language proficiency, and improve employability. Our services are available in 37 languages and dialects. This means clients are paired with professionals who speak their first language and are specifically attuned to their native cultures. Because of this, staff are able to address the unique barriers to success our each of our clients [...]

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Refugee and Immigrant Services Northwest

Based at Everett Community College, the organization assists immigrants and refugees with English language acquisition, job placement, and naturalization services. Executive Director: Van Dinh-Kuno Location: 2000 Tower St. Everett, WA 98201

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Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDPDA)

The mission of SCIDpda is to preserve, promote and develop the Seattle Chinatown International District as a vibrant community and unique ethnic neighborhood. The Seattle Chinatown International District is a lively hub of many cultures, where a dozen languages greet you on our bustling streets. Ethiopian families buy meat from Chinese butchers. Indonesian elders gather daily to play chess in the Hing Hay Park. In the evenings, Japanese university students meet up at our bubble tea shops. Our neighborhood’s vibrant multiethnic character distinguishes it from any other area in Seattle. Our goal is to support the neighborhood’s unique culture by meeting the needs of our traditional community while attracting a [...]

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