Established in 1938, the Filipino Community of the Yakima Valley’s rich history includes building the first ever Filipino Community Hall from the ground up in the United States.

Today we we the hub of the Filipino American Community in Central Washington State, one of the major communities in the State of Washington. We serve a rich diversity of people who honor their country of origin while contributing greatly to the cultural, educational, social, economic, service, professional, spiritual, and civic life of our communities.

We have programs that provide leasure and cultural time activities, youth programs, cultural, educational, and historical preservation, networking, and outreach opportunities.

We are a social club recognized as a 501(c)4 organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Services, and our properties are located at 211 and 213 West 2nd Street in the City of Wapato.  Come and join us weekly at our tasty and friendly Thursday Take Out meal business.