Little Saigon is the social, economic, and cultural hub of the Vietnamese community in the Puget Sound region. In the 30 years since the first group of Vietnamese businesses took root in this area, Little Saigon has become a vibrant and vital part of the Vietnamese community as well as the International District.

Prior to the arrival of the first wave of Vietnamese refugees fleeing oppression after the Fall of Saigon, the area directly east of Chinatown was a largely abandoned and unproductive neighborhood full of blight and crime.

Today, Little Saigon serves over 40,000 Vietnamese-Americans from all over the Puget Sound region. There are about 100 businesses in the neighborhood, most of which are Vietnamese-owned. The neighborhood is bounded by I-5 to the west, Rainier and Boren to the east, Yesler Terrace to the north, and Dearborn to the south. Just outside these boundaries lie the Vietnam Buddhist Temple and the Vietnamese Catholic Church, two major religious institutions in the community.


Little Saigon and the Vietnamese-American community has so much more to offer. The enterprising refugees who first set up shop in the area and turned it into a vibrant business district laid down a solid foundation. We are now ready for the next stage in the evolution of Little Saigon. The richness of Vietnamese culture and tradition mixed with the dynamism of contemporary American culture is ready to be showcased and experienced.

Imagine a Vietnamese cultural center showcasing the best of Vietnamese-American culture. Imagine a social hub for people of all background who are interested in Vietnamese culture and history. Imagine a neighborhood that is a perfect blend of social, cultural, and recreational experiences.


Friends of Little Saigon was created to bring just such a vision to life. Our mission is to promote, enhance, and showcase the cultural and economic vitality of Seattle’s Little Saigon.

We are a grassroots community development organization launched in January of 2011 and composed of individuals, community groups, and small businesses. We believe in improving our community through collaboration and innovation.