Our organization was created in 1993 by a group of working professionals, who sought to meet the needs of the Vietnamese community by utilizing the potential human and financial resources of Vietnamese professionals. Young and old, the founders sought the cooperation of the community to create the three main programs Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối offers, Conversational ESL, Homework Tutoring, Youth Leadership Program.

These programs assist Vietnamese immigrants in their effort to settle in their new country, strengthen the Vietnamese community and promote cultural harmony. We works for diverse groups of individuals including adults, seniors, students, recent graduates, and young professionals living in the greater Seattle area The success of Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối’s programs is due solely to the efforts of volunteers, the financial support of special individuals and the community’s participation in these programs.

•Conversational ESL
•Computer Literacy
•Homework Tutoring
•Youth Leadership
•Citizenship Program
•Referral Services
•Community Building
•“TET in Seattle” Festival