The Seattle Chapter JACL has been unafraid to tackle difficult and, often, controversial issues related to the wartime experience of our community and other civil rights issues. The exceptional pioneers who sustained our organization during one of the most difficult periods in US history laid a strong foundation for the work of future generations of Japanese Americans who believe strongly in the principles of justice, equality and fair play. Rest assured, the Seattle Chapter is well prepared to carry on the proud tradition established by our noble and courageous predecessors.

As we anticipate the challenges of the new millennium, the organization is grateful and energized by the emergence of a bright, new corps of younger members. Issues such as redress, education about our World War II wartime experiences, hate crimes, US-Japan relations, cultural activities like the Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival, leadership training, scholarships, and building alliances with other communities of color will continue to be high priorities on our agenda for decades to come. Though many of the civil rights issues of the 20th century remain and, in some cases, have become even more intractable, the Chapter will move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of commitment to ensure equality and justice for all.