Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC is a national nonprofit founded in 1991 to protect civil and human rights. As a national advocate for Asian Americans based in Washington, D.C., we serve our country’s newest American community by promoting justice for all Americans, empowering our communities, bringing local and national constituencies together, and ensuring Asian Americans are able to fully participate in our democracy. Rooted in the dreams of immigrants and inspired by the promise of opportunity, Advancing Justice | AAJC advocates for an America in which all Americans are able to equally benefit from, and contribute to, the American dream.

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Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC)

The Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) is dedicated to promoting equitable access to culturally competent and linguistically accessible health and human services, economic development for small businesses, civil and human rights, equal access to education and other concerns of Asian Pacific Americans, including immigrants, refugees, and citizens, in Washington State.

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Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community (BIJAC) honors the heritage of the Issei (first–generation Japanese) who came to the United States, and particularly to Bainbridge Island, to make a new life for themselves and their children. We hope to promote a better understanding of the diversity of our nation by sharing their history, customs, and values. BIJAC is dedicated to preserving and sharing an accurate historical record through oral histories and an outreach educational program. BIJAC's principal focus is the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial to honor those forced to leave their homes during World War II. Joining BIJAC in this project are local, county, state, and federal governments, [...]

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Bhutanese Community Resource Center

The Bhutanese Community Resource Center's (BCRC) objective is to provide direct services to Bhutanese refugees who come to Washington for resettlement. BCRC provides volunteer services to newly arrived refugees in various capacities. BCRC works closely with the community in identifying and addressing their needs. So far, BCRC has been able to address many of the issues of newly arrived families. BCRC also aspires to preserve Bhutanese Nepali culture and language. BCRC showcases Bhutanese culture by organizing cultural events every year. BCRC publishes a bilingual monthly newsletter designed especially for people with language barriers. BCRC also closely with Bhutanese youths by organizing sports events and other youth engagement projects within and [...]

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Cambodian Cultural Alliance of Washington

VISION: Foster unity and generate interest in showcasing those traditional arts and culture of Cambodia. MISSION: Create opportunities for diverse communities to understand and appreciate traditional Cambodian art through events and other cultural activities. GOAL: Provide support to community based performance groups and to create learning opportunities for youths about traditional Cambodian arts and culture.

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Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area

Established in 1994, the Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area (CIDBIA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization primarily funded through a self-imposed tax on business and property owners in the Chinatown-International District. Its mission is to promote economic vitality of the district, encourage responsible business development and support continuous improvement of the quality of life in the district for its business owners, residents, and visitors. Members of the BIA are elected to serve on the Board of Directors that acts in a strategic and advisory capacity to the CIDBIA’s Executive Director. The Executive Director and staffs manage and administer services and programs of the organization.

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Chinese Institute of Engineers Seattle

CIE Seattle promotes academic and professional excellence in the Asian Pacific American community through programs advancing innovation, collaboration and education: Recognizing and Promoting Excellence - “Seattle Luminary Award” recognizing global impact of local leaders - Asian Pacific American Youth Scholarship Program Supporting Collaboration and Professional Development - Professional Development Seminar Series - Annual CIE Seattle Convention and Seminar Series - Community Summer Social Enriching Education - Student and Young Professionals Mentoring Program - Asian Pacific American Youth Math and Science Contest - “Bridging the Gap” University and College Lecture Series Founded in 1961, CIE Seattle (“Chinese Institute of Engineers – Seattle”) is 501(c)(3) non-profit and a member of the CIE/USA [...]

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Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC)

CISC helps Chinese and other Asian immigrants throughout King County achieve success in their new community by providing information, referral, advocacy, social, and support services. CISC was started in 1972 by a group of energetic college and high school students. They worked as part time volunteers in a tiny donated space in Chinatown to fulfill a community need. The early focus was on helping non-English speaking elderly in the community. Later, CISC broadened its scope and added adult and youth employment programs, ESL and naturalization classes, family and youth services, domestic violence and crime victim services, and a community technology center. Over the years, CISC has continued to respond to [...]

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Chinese American Citizens Alliance Seattle Chapter

Founded in 1895 in San Francisco, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance has over 100 years of history of continuous existence serving in a dual role as a social club and as a national non-partisan activist for Chinese American empowerment and community service.

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Coalition for Refugees from Burma

Coalition for Refugees from Burma (CRB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit mutual assistance association focused on providing culturally and linguistically appropriate social support services to improve the living conditions and quality of life of refugees resettled in Washington State. CRB intentionally reaches across ethnic, religious, and language barriers and provides a community-based support system. CRB offers a wide range of Educational Programs to develop the capacity of individuals and strengthen the community knowledge base.

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