The REACH Center assists agencies with strategic planning and training for:

  • individuals, young and old alike, to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to function in a culturally and racially diverse world.
  • educational institutions, businesses and communities to value the human diversity that is found within their educational and/or workplace environments.

Through its quality services, the Center creates learning experiences for schools and districts which inspire and empower people to participate in their own personal growth, as well as involve them in activities that:

  • Connect participants with current concepts, resources and information.
  • Promote cultural self-awareness and understanding.
  • Examine the basic components and the historical, institutional power of the “isms” -racism, sexism, elitism, etc.
  • Engage in cross-cultural learning activities which help gain in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of different ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Provide a conceptual framework and practical strategies for dealing effectively with implementing multicultural concepts and activities into schools and classrooms through the use of age-appropriate curricula.

For more than 30 years the REACH Center, a nationally-recognized non-profit organization, has positioned itself as one of the most respected establishments to provide cultural diversity services. The Center specializes in providing these services to agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. The REACH Center is able to carry out its work through the utilization of its cadre of nationally certified trainers. There are over 250 nationally certified REACH trainers located throughout the United States and Australia who have established records in public speaking, group facilitation, program and curriculum development, as well as conducted research and training in the area of multicultural education and ethnic history