Washington State has numerous opportunities for the public to shape policy and make recommendations to the governor, legislature, and state agencies. Making government more accessible and ensuring community voices are heard by decision-makers is a key role for CAPAA.

CAPAA works with the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions, legislature, and state agencies to ensure members of the public, who reflect the diversity of our state, apply for and are appointed to boards, commissions, and state task forces.

Below is a list of boards, commissions, and state task forces where CAPAA recently encouraged, recommended, or appointed Asian Pacific American community members to apply and serve.

For upcoming opportunities, visit the Governor’s Boards & Commissions webpage.

Name Charge Member Name
Arts Commission Promotes the growth and development of the arts within the state and advises state agencies and officials on matters pertaining to the arts. Faaluaina Pritchard
Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs Examines and defines issues pertaining to the rights and needs of Asian Americans and advises the Governor and state agencies on policies, plans, and needs. Ty Tufono (reappointed)

Lynette  Finau (reappointed)

Nam Nguyen

Roslyn Leon Guerrero

Every Student Succeeds Act  The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law by President Obama on December 10, 2015. Under the new law, Washington will embark on a redesign of Washington’s Consolidated Plan. Consolidated Plan Team

Julie Kang

Mele Aho

Accountability System

Kathy Purcell

Joint Legislative Task Force on the Use of Deadly Force in Community Policing The taskforce must review laws, practices, and training programs regarding the use of deadly force in Washington state and other states, review current policies, practices, and tools used by or otherwise available to law enforcement as an alternative to lethal uses of force, including tasers and other nonlethal weapons, and recommend best practices to reduce the number of violent interactions between law enforcement officers and members of the public. Toshiko Hasegawa
Race and Ethnicity Task Force The task force will review the United States department of education 2007 race and ethnicity reporting guidelines and develop race and ethnicity guidance for the state to further disaggregate data. Brianne Ramos

Dolly Nguyen

Erin Okuno

Lina Thompson

Statewide Reentry Council The Washington statewide reentry council will develop collaborative and cooperative relationships between the criminal justice system, victims and their families, impacted individuals and their families, and service providers, with the purpose of improving public safety and outcomes for people reentering the community from incarceration. Many Uch
Task Force on the Use of Body Worn Cameras The Task Force will examine the use of body worn cameras by law enforcement and corrections agencies. Molly Harper Haines

Sokha Danh