The Governor, Senate, and House have begun the budget negotiation process now that both Chambers have passed their respective proposals. State lawmakers have until April 26 to pass the budget or a special session must be called. In addition, legislators will be considering whether to concur on legislation that was amended by the second house during this final full week of the regular session.

Below is the status of legislation CAPAA is tracking that may be of interest to the APA communities.

  • ESHB 1424 Concerning suicide prevention (Passed the Legislature).
  • E2SHB 1491 Improving quality in the early care and education system (awaiting Concurrence in the House).
  • ESHB 1745* Enacting the Washington voting rights act (Senate Rules Committee).
  • E2SSB 5179 Concerning paraeducators (passed the House 90-8).
  • SB 5203 Modifying certain job order contracting requirements (passed the House 96-0).
  • 2SSB 5404 Concerning homeless youth prevention and protection (Passed the Legislature).
  • SB 5689* Concerning the scope and costs of the diabetes epidemic in Washington (House Rules Committee).
  • SSB 5721 Concerning the membership of the expanded learning opportunities council (Senate refuses to concur in House amendments).

*Bill did not make the April 15 cutoff. The bill will likely not receive further consideration unless the bill is necessary to implement the budget. View all bills that made the last cutoff deadline.