The Legislature is set to adjourn today on the 103rd day of the regular session and will convene for a 30-day special legislative session on April 29. Lawmakers will use the extra time to complete major work on the operating, capital, and transportation budgets and send them to the Governor’s desk.

Among many important issues, CAPAA will be tracking how the state is implementing Initiative 502 and how revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana would be used for youth substance abuse treatment, prevention, education, research, and community health to reduce underage marijuana use.

Learn more about I-502 implementation.

Update on Legislation

The Legislature has passed more than 270 bills. The Governor has signed 66 bills and more are scheduled to be signed. Below is the status of legislation CAPAA is tracking that may be of interest to the APA communities.


  • E2SHB 1491 Improving quality in the early care and education system (awaiting Concurrence in the House).
  • E2SSB 5179 Concerning paraeducators (House insists on its position and asks Senate to concur).
  • SSB 5721 Concerning the membership of the expanded learning opportunities council (Passed the Legislature).

Health & Human Services

  • SHB 1138 Creating a task force on mental health and suicide prevention in higher education (Governor signed).
  • ESHB 1424 Concerning suicide prevention (Delivered to Governor).
  • 2SSB 5404 Concerning homeless youth prevention and protection (Delivered to Governor).

Economic Development

  • SHB 1063 Concerning cosmetology, hair design, barbering, esthetics, and manicuring (Governor signed).
  • SB 5203 Modifying certain job order contracting requirements (Delivered to Governor).

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