Members of the Marshallese community will gather at the Burke Museum for Remembrance Day on Tuesday, March 1, at 10:00 AM. They will commemorate survivors of nuclear testing on the anniversary of the detonation of Castle Bravo by the U.S. The event will also address the healthcare needs of the Marshallese community and the impacts of displacement.

Next week, legislative action will be centered on passing bills off the floor by March 4, the last day to consider opposite house bills. Legislators will begin negotiations to develop final budget plans to send to the Governor for approval. The last day allowed for regular session under the state constitution is March 10.

View the House and Senate 2016 supplemental budget proposals.

Below is the status of legislation CAPAA is tracking that may be of interest to APA communities:

  • E2SHB 1745: Enacting the Washington voting rights act. (Senate Rules 2)
  • ESHB 2908: Establishing the joint legislative task force on the use of deadly force in community policing. (Senate Rules 2)
  • EHB 2362: Concerning video and/or sound recordings made by law enforcement or corrections officers. (Senate Rules 2)
  • SB 6180: Creating a disadvantaged business enterprise advisory committee within the transportation commission. (House Transportation)
  • 2SSB 6408: Concerning paraeducators. (Passed House Education)
  • 4SHB 1541: Implementing strategies to close the education opportunity gap, based on the recommendations of the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee. (Senate Ways & Means)
  • SB 5689: Concerning the scope and costs of the diabetes epidemic in Washington. (House Appropriations)
  • E2SHB 2793: Providing for suicide awareness and prevention education for safer homes. (Senate Ways & Means)