Forum #2 – Unpacking the Common Narrative

Objective: Analyze the factors that influence the common experiences of rising leaders of color.

Target Audience: Leaders of color that have an impact on K-12 education (teachers, club/sports advisors, para-educators, classified staff, deans, administrators, district personnel, community partners, etc.)

This event is part two of four of a series of forums, hosted by TAF – Martinez Fellowship Program, designed to engage educational leaders of color in critical conversations around the challenges and opportunities that have been experienced throughout their journey to leadership roles. This is movement by and for leaders of color in education. In each forum, there will be designated time to listen and learn from the lived experiences of leaders of color.

With the lived experiences of leaders of color at the center of the conversation, the forum participants will be invited to unpack the factors that influence the common narratives that leaders of color experience. Then, attendees will think creatively about the ideal conditions for success for leaders and teachers of color to meet the needs of the diverse student population in Washington state. The series will conclude after the group has created a list of actionable suggestions that key stakeholders (local districts, universities and community partners) can use to support rising leaders of color.

Series Outcomes:

  1. Form a coalition of education stakeholders to address the needs of rising leaders of color.
  2. Leaders of color will lead the discussion about how they can be supported and how to create pathways for their success.
  3. A summary of the conversations at each forum and the suggested recommendations for ed. stakeholders is released to all participants after the last forum

For more details about the series: