Today is the 61st day of the 105-day regular legislative session. March 11 was the last day to consider bills in the house of origin, which means bills that have not passed either the House or Senate are unlikely to reach the Governor’s desk this session. However, bills that are critical for passing the state budget are exempt from the deadline. Of the more than 2,300 bills introduced this session, only 687 remain to be considered by legislators.

For the next two weeks, action turns back to the committees where bills will be considered by members from the opposite chamber. In addition, we are anticipating that the House will release its budget proposal by the end of the month, followed by the Senate.

Below are bills we are tracking that may be of interest to the community.


  • SHB 1408 Concerning the development of a definition and model for “family engagement coordinator” and other terms used interchangeably with it.
  • E2SHB 1491 / E2SSB 5452 Improving quality in the early care and education system.
  • E2SHB 1541 Implementing strategies to close the educational opportunity gap, based on the recommendations of the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee
  • SHB 1570 / SB 5312 Creating flexibility for the educator retooling conditional scholarship program.
  • 2SHB 1682 Concerning data reported by the office of superintendent of public instruction for homeless students
  • SHB 1783 Expanding dual language and bilingual instruction for early learners through secondary students.
  • E2SSSB 5688 Providing students with skills that promote mental health and well-being and increase academic performance
  • ESSB 5748 Clarifying the teacher and principal evaluation process with the intent of strengthening the process.

Economic Development & Security

  • SHB 1314 Implementing a carbon pollution market program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • HB 1355 Increasing the minimum hourly wage to twelve dollars over four years.
  • 2SHB 1436 / 2SSB 5404 Concerning homeless youth prevention and protection
  • SB 5203 Modifying certain job order contracting requirements.

Health & Human Services

  • SHB 1138 Creating a task force on mental health and suicide prevention in higher education.
  • ESHB 1424 Concerning suicide prevention.
  • HB 1645 Concerning youth substance use prevention associated with tobacco and drug delivery e-cigarettes and vapor products.
  • SHB 2136 Relating to comprehensive marijuana market reforms to ensure a well-regulated and taxed marijuana market in Washington state.
  • ESSB 5477 Requiring substances intended for use in a vapor product to satisfy child-resistant effectiveness standards, adopting warning standards, and prohibiting the use of vapor products in schools.
  • SB 5689 Concerning the scope and costs of the diabetes epidemic in Washington.

Civil Rights & Justice

  • HB 1745 Enacting the Washington voting rights act to promote equal voting opportunity in certain political subdivisions by authorizing district-based elections.
  • E2SHB 1390 Concerning legal financial obligations (LFOs). Read more about how LFOs impact people reentering society after incarceration in the 2015 Facing Race Report.

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