The State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has released its latest set of data regarding the suspension and expulsion rates for various student groups. The data shows how many students are being suspended or expelled in each school district and classifies that data into race, sex, and program.

OSPI is using this project to assist schools with their student discipline efforts by providing resources and tools to recognize disparities, understand the underlying equity and civil rights issues, and identify practices that will improve discipline equity and keep students in school. At this time, all school districts with more than 500 students or 20 in a given group have the ability to access their own data. OSPI advises each school district to analyze their numbers at a local level in order to guide decision-making.

Building on the current data, OSPI is working to include information that shows how many times each student is suspended or expelled, for how long, for which behaviors, and from which schools.

The OSPI performance indicators showing graduation and discipline data analytics were shared with the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee (EOGOAC) on May 19, 2015.