Legislative Priorities

CAPAA’s 2024 Policy Agenda

In dedication to advancing the interests of the Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (ANHPI) communities in Washington State, the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (CAPAA) is proud to present our 2024 policy agenda. This agenda reflects our commitment to addressing crucial issues within the ANHPI community, promoting equitable economic development, safeguarding civil rights and immigration, enhancing education, and ensuring access to quality health and human services. Farther down, you can see bills that we are tracking.

1. Economic Development:

Promoting ANHPI Entrepreneurship

Advocating for initiatives that support ANHPI-owned businesses.

Fostering economic growth and sustainability within ANHPI communities.

2. Civil Rights & Immigration:

Advancing Civil Rights Protections

Working to strengthen legal protections against discrimination for ANHPI individuals.

Advocating for just and humane immigration policies that consider the unique needs of ANHPI immigrants.

3. Education

Enhancing Educational Opportunities

Addressing disparities in K-12 education, ensuring equitable access to quality resources.

Advocating for policies that support ANHPI students in colleges and universities, including scholarships and mentorship programs.

4. Health and Human Services

Improving Healthcare Access:

Advocating for culturally sensitive health services tailored to ANHPI communities.

Addressing health disparities and ensuring mental health services meet the unique needs of the ANHPI population.

Bills we are supporting:

HB 2000: Renewing Washington’s international leadership.

HB 2209: Celebrating lunar new year.

HB 1905: Including protected classes in the Washington equal pay and opportunities act.

HB 2346 – Updating the governor’s interagency coordinating council on health disparities.

SB 5427 – Concerning people who have been targeted or affected by hate crimes and bias incidents.

HB 2365 – Increasing access to respite care for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

SB 6267 – Authorizing payment for parental caregivers of minor children with developmental disabilities.