Financial Aid for Students

Washington Student Achievement Council

The Washington Student Achievement Council administers the majority of the state’s student financial aid programs, which are known collectively as Opportunity Pathways. These programs help tens of thousands of students annually earn college credits, certificates, and degrees.

Need-based programs include the:

  • Washington College Grant:Need-based grant for low-income undergraduates whose current income is at or below 70% of median family income.
  • College Bound Scholarship:Need-based grant for low-income undergraduates whose current income is at or below 65% of median family income.
  • State Work Study:Part-time employment opportunities for low- and middle-income undergraduate and graduate students. Leverages employer contributions (includes approximately $5 million).
  • Passport to College Program for Foster Youth:Scholarships and support services for eligible former foster youth.
  • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship: Need-based grant to helplow- and middle-income Washington students earn degrees, certificates, or apprenticeships in high-demand trade, health care, or STEM fields and launch careers in Washington State.

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APIA Scholars

APIA Scholars is the nation’s largest non-profit provider of college scholarships for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. APIA Scholars creates opportunities for students to access, complete, and succeed after post-secondary education.

Washington College Savings Plan

TheGuaranteed Education Tuition (GET) Programand theDreamAhead College Investment Planare the state’s 529 college savings plans that help Washington families plan ahead for future college expenses. Both plans offer federal tax benefits and support families in reducing future college debt. The plans benefit the state by improving access to higher education, leading to a better educated and more financially secure workforce.

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