Bill Tracking List

Bill Tracking List

Of more than 2,800 bills introduced, 343 have passed the Legislature and 102 of the bills have been signed by the governor. Bills that have not been delivered to the governor’s desk are unlikely to pass unless the bill is necessary to implement the state budget. Bills will be retained in their present status and can be considered during the special session and during the 2018 regular session.

Below is a selection of bills CAPAA is tracking that may be of interest to Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. For further bill information, visit the Legislature’s website and enter in the corresponding bill number.

Civil Rights & Justice

Bill Title Bill # / Sponsor Status Description
Criminal record/


ESSB 5312 / Baumgartner Senate Rules Prohibits employers from making inquiries related to criminal records until after initially determining the applicant is qualified for the position.
Immigration resources        ESHB 2029 / Ortiz-Self House Rules Directs the Human Rights Commission to establish a toll-free telephone hotline and website with the capacity to refer callers and users to sources of information and assistance for victims of hate crimes or harassment.
Language of public notices SSB 5046 / Hasegawa Delivered to Governor State agencies that provide life safety information during an emergency or disaster and local emergency management organizations must develop a communication plan for notifying significant segments of a community that speak a language other than English of life safety information during an emergency.
Nondomiciled licenses SHB 1273 / Ryu Delivered to Governor Authorizes the Department of Licensing to issue a nondomiciled Commercial Driver’s License to an individual domiciled in a foreign country if that person provides valid documentary evidence that he or she is authorized to stay or work in the United States and meets certain specified federal requirements.
REAL ID compliance ESB 5008 / King Delivered to Governor Requires the department of licensing to mark standard issue driver’s licenses and identicards as non-compliant with the REAL ID Act, beginning July 1, 2018. Prohibits the use of a standard driver’s license or identicard as evidence of or as a basis to infer an individual’s citizenship or immigration status.
Trafficking victims/vacating SSB 5272 / Saldaña



Delivered to Governor Vacating convictions arising from offenses committed as a result of being a victim of trafficking, promoting prostitution, or promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor.
Use of deadly force SSB 5073 / Frockt

HB 1529 / Ryu


Senate Ways & Means

House Public Safety

SSB 5073: Removes lack of malice as a justifiable homicide defense for law enforcement and defines good faith and includes other recommendations from the joint legislative task force on the use of deadly force in community policing.

*Legislators have made public statements that they are continuing to work on this issue.



Bill Title Bill # / Sponsor Status Description
DEL advising & contracting ESHB 1719 / Lovick Delivered to Governor Updating certain department of early learning advising and contracting mechanisms, adds a representative of CAPAA to the Early Learning Advisory Council.
Dual language/early & K-12 SHB 1445 / Ortiz-Self Delivered to Governor Creates the K-12 Dual Language Grant program and the Bilingual Educator Initiative.
Early childhood ed & assist 2SSB 5107 / Billig Delivered to Governor Adds school districts, institutions of higher education, and nonprofits as organizations that may contribute funds to the Early Start Account in order to expand access and eligibility in the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP).
Model ethnic studies curric. HB 1294 / Ortiz-Self House Rules Requires OSPI to develop a model ethnic studies curriculum for grades 7-12.


Health & Human Services

Bill Title Bill # / Sponsor Status Description
Environ. impacts/


SB 5225 / Keiser

SHB 1171 / Orwall

Senate Ways & Means / House Approps Requires the study of air quality implications from airport traffic.
Pacific Islander health care SHB 1291 / Santos

SB 5683 Saldaña

House Rules

Senate Ways & Means

Creates a premium assistance program for Washington residents who are citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau.
Suicide-Safer Homes E2SHB 1612 / Orwall Delivered to Governor Expands exemptions from background check requirements relating to the transfer of firearms to include temporary transfers intended to prevent suicide or self-inflicted bodily harm. Requires licensed dentists and dental hygienists to undergo a one-time suicide assessment, treatment, and management training effective August 1, 2020.
Tobacco & vapor products/age SB 5025 / Miloscia

SHB 1054 /Harris

Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports

House Rules

Raises the age at which a person may purchase and possess cigarettes, tobacco, and vapor products from 18 to 21 years of age.



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